Decompiling a model, but the flex files disappear in the process.

So yeah, im pretty much trying to decompile a model that clearly has face-flexes both in-game and in the model viewer, but when i use the latest MDLDecompiler ( Fixed and patched up by Hooch ), i get all the needed files, such as the skeleton, the phymodel, the QC and the mesh itself. All these things seem fine and without any kind of error or flaw, but what bothers me is that the QC file does not contain any kind of face-flex lines, and there is no VTA file either in the folder. Can someone please enlighten me on what may be the problem, or if the model itself is sort of faulty?

Try different versions of the decompilers. I use 4 versions:
mdldecompiler hooch

I tried them all, but to no luck.

From my experience, there is no way to decompile a model and retrieve the flexes.

Unless anybody else can shed light on a way to do it, I think you’re going to have to rebuild the flexes yourself

Did you edit the .mdl with a hex editor

I know this sounds odd to ask, but does the original model actually include any flexes? Since I’ve never experienced what you’re describing. Sometimes the flexes won’t work, but they’re still listed.

yeah i always was wondering why i cant get gman’s flexes.

It should, as the mesh does not contain any kind of face-bones, i assume it should have a VTA file with the flex-morphs in it. But it doesn’t, and the QC has no kind of trace of flex-lines or anything regarding faceposing. But like i said, the model still clearly has Faceposing in the Model Viewer and in-game.

Post the QC it’s giving you.

So what model is it?