Decompiling Counter-Strike Source hands, or are they needed?

Hello, i have a small problem with decompiling.
I have decompiled v_knife_t.mdl from CSS, but when decompiling, Cannonfodders Decompiler says : “Error opening … est\output…/hands/hands_reference.smd”.
I’m planning to replace the knife model with my own Kabar model i made some time ago,
but i’m not sure do i need this hands_reference.smd, if so, how i can decompile it?


edit :

Tried to compile, GUIStudiomodel throws an error :

ERROR: c:\users\****\documents\blender\kabar\smd\mdldecompiler.qc(5): - could not load file 'C:\Users\****\Documents\Blender\kabar\smd/../hands/hands_reference.smd'
ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'weapons\v_knife_t.mdl'
WARNING: Leaking 1 elements

So i guess i need that hands_reference.smd?

Without hands_reference.smd there will be only knife swinging when you recompile, and nothing will be there swinging it (hands will be missing in short). That doesnt mean that you must throw you work away and start anew, just get that missing file and try compiling again.

Where i can find this v_hands.mdl or hand_reference? I couldn’t find it in the GCF’s either, and Cannonfodders model decompiler didnt decompile it from the v_knife_t.mdl.
I can only find its texture file (v_hands.vtf and v_hands.vmt), but no model amongst the other view and worldmodels.

You wont find it as a separate mdl, it is part of VALVe’s (default) css weapon skins, when you decompile any of them it will be there.
To save you the trouble, here:
And don’t forget to check for dead frames if you’re new to this!

Thanks, got it working and all good, but it has turned 90 degrees.
I dont know many QC commands, or do i need to turn it manually in blender?

edit :
Nvm, did a quick search and found a $origin command, fixed it with that.
Altough, thank you for help.