Decompiling Fakefactory Models

I know this might be frowned upon, but i’m trying to decompile one of the citizens from Cinematic Mod 10, for a headswap I am making.
I do not plan to redistribute the result it is purely for personal use in a machinima I am making.
Whenever I load one of the models into mdldecompiler, I receive an error"unable to load model".
Is there something I can do about this or does FF have some kind of anti-decompile protection on it, same a sn some maps?

1.Load the mdl file with this tool.
2.When you load it up you should see IDST0 at the far right or whatever number it says.
3.Change the number 0 to a ,(comma).
4. Save and exit and try decompiling again.

oh you mean like the tf2 models? thanks, forgot about that
Thankyou, worked like a charm :slight_smile: