Decompiling non source based games for map making?

So I got this idea I wanted to do for a few of my fave games while messing around with Hammer Editor. BUt I ran into a problem how do I decompile a game to get the neccessary files to import into hammer? Specifically What Im trying to do is take a specific area in the game and port it over to hammer to mess with the buildings, add stuff in etc etc. but I dont really know how to do that and ive searched the web looking for answers and unfortunately havent found any. DO you guys have any suggestions or advise or know anything about it? anything would be very helpful and fully appreciated.

What games are you thinking about? We’ll need to know more details before we can help with porting and editing.

well only games so far would be Borderlands 2 and the first 2 Bioshock games. for the bioshock games the areas with buildings specifically like the market and bars and for Borderlands 2 I want the City of Sanctuary.

That’s not how this stuff works. You can only edit (decompiled) source maps with hammer because hammer is a map editor for source games.

Other games’ maps cant be “decompiled” and brought into hammer. You’d have to rip the models and import them into hammer as models, not brushes. This is very time consuming and difficult.

see this is very informative and btw I have nothing but time. and im willing to learn everything i need to know in order to do what it is im trying to do lol

Well I doubt you have the skills necessary to do something like this, but I will explain most of it anyways so you are free to try.

  1. Figure out if you can actually “rip” (export) models from the game you want. If its a dx9 game try something called 3dRipperDX, if its a dx11 or so game try Ninjaripper. Learn how those tools work and see if your game is compatible. Also see if the game has an official SDK and official tools for model exporting.
  2. If your game is not compatible with any of the stuff mentioned above, then you cant do anything about it - its over.
  3. If you somehow manage to rip the level data from any of the games you want you will need 3d modeling software. 3ds max is your best bet. Install Wall Worm tools for 3ds max too - you need those to export models to source.
  4. Now import the ripped data into your model editor. You now painstakingly have to match up textures to models and split the ripped model into small sections that you can compile for source and assemble again in hammer. If you have no previous modelling experience this step will be VERY DIFFICULT IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE.
    4.5. (Re)make collision models for all ripped props.
  5. Assemble everything in hammer and replace with brushes and displacements any models you can (large geometry like walls, floors etc.)
  6. Compile and enjoy.

There are very few maps fully ported from other games because this process is, again, very VERY difficult even for people who know this stuff inside out.

Thank You very kindly for the advice and the suggestions I will follow these steps and see what happens and will let you know if I get anywhere. :slight_smile:

would you happen to know the password for 3d ripper dx?

Pretty sure it’s stated in the installer, try “ripper”

nevermind i found it. lol