Decompiling Problems?

Excuse me… whenever I decompile a map and fix one certain thing it always screws up a lot of stuff that it honestly shouldn’t?

It’s one of my favorite maps but it only has one serious problem, the maker SERIOUSLY fucked up the skybox and it’s just completely white, no big deal, I decompiled and changed the texture of the skybox which should fix it, but when I go around in hammer I see all sorts of errors and pink and black which aren’t there when I normally play.
And when I save/run, it’s still all pink/black and errors. I checked and it’s all from CSS which I have… it kind of sucks to see such a good map go to waste over the skybox :l

Alternatively, if I can’t fix the skybox in hammer, in there some kind of console command to put a skybox on it temporarily? I forget where but I heard about something like that.

Pro Tip: Don’t Decompile.

If you want to make edits, ask the author for the .vmf

Yeah… and it said who made it… so I tried to add him and he hasn’t been on in a long… long time.

VIDE’s Entity Lump Editor can be used to change the skybox. The “skyname” keyvalue can be found on the worldspawn entity.

… What? Sorry I forgot to mention I haven’t been mapping very long at all, in fact I only started like 3 days ago. :l


I think I found it… the skyname is militia_hdr

Anything you recommend changing it to?

sky_day_01_01 being generic is funner then usual

Wait a second… if it was militia_hdr why wasn’t it working?

Because decompiling maps breaks things.

Decompiling problems?


Only in the coding section Vexx :smith:

What do you mean?