Decompiling Team Fortress 2 models?


I’m doing some animating for Team Fortress 2. That means, not yet, as Cannonfodder’s Decompiler won’t accept the Team Fortress 2 player models.
I’m assuming it’s the models being newer, it decompiles Counter-Strike: Source models fine (despite CS:S now also using a newer engine).

Simple question, how would one decompile a Team Fortress 2 player model, into an smd format?

Thanks in advance!

Google is your friend.

First or second link.

It works fine you just have to hex the MDLs so they are an older version by changing the “IDST0” to “IDST,”

-snipping all this-

I’m very sorry. I read it completely wrong. I didn’t spot that you told me to put a comma, I thought there was nothing after the T. Apologies.

It works, thanks!

Steam\steamapps\username\sourcesdk_content f\modelsrc\player

All the character source files, SMD/DMX models + animations and QC script files are in there.

Wow, I didn’t know! Thanks alot!