Decompiling tf2 models breaks anims

I’m simply trying to make all tris weighted to a certain bone, a different material (i’m trying to make the spy’s knife-blade more shiny :P)
So the simple solution would be to decompile the model, switch the matID and recompile.

However, and I have noticed this before, decompiling Team Fortress 2 models breaks animations (mainly early ones, for some odd reason any animations released recently seem to work fine). By ‘breaks’, I mean it puts seemingly random and massive values where there shouldn’t be. Unless someone can explain why the root bone needs to be 81984 units above you, and 1512 units to the left of you, I don’t see why this would be the case.
If anyone else has experienced this and/or has a fix, please advise?
I may be able to fix it manually but it’d take awhile.

Um, why don’t you just change the model’s .vmt, and if needs be, the texture?

No need to decompile a model to make it more shiny.

Because I only want the knife blade to be shiny, not the whole thing.

Why the heck would you need to edit the model to do that? This won’t answer your question, but it will solve your problem. It’s as easy as editing the envmap mask:$envmapmask

Well, I would have preferred a working decompiler but I suppose that’ll work too.
Thanks, rated useful :stuck_out_tongue:
This actually isn’t going so well, I’ve made the whole thing shiny, and added the mask but it doesn’t seem to actually take effect (at least in the model viewer)
I tried disabling the bumpmap, the phong maps. Even use the alpha channel in the base texture as the envmapmask. Doesn’t seem to be working :S

hmm, for some reason the ‘cornerstone of TF2 style graphics’ is what was killing it. The lightwarp texture.

I’m having problem with OB models as well, though. The helicopter tailspin animation went to shits when I tried to decompile it, so if anyone could enlighten us on the issue that’d be great.