Decompiling, What do you think?

What are your views on decompiling? With all the cracked vmex programs going around, many people are stealing other peoples maps and re releasing them. How do you prevent your map from being decompiled?

Why bother? As long as your map is released first, you’ll have proof that you made the original map and sites such as fpsbanana are good at punishing re-released maps. Plus if it’s worth decompiling and stealing from, then it’s probably a good idea in the first place that’s become quite popular. I guess that you’ve got some stories to tell about how people have stolen from you then have made a simmilar map that becomes more popular than your own. Which sucks. I don’t protect my maps, because I like to think that I can put a bit back into the community. If I make maps that people like and want to decompile to see how they were made, then fine. It’ll only help the community as a whole in the end.

Don’t let the few who copy work put you off sharing your maps. There are plenty of people who want to decompile and analyse your maps fairly and with good intentions. Have you had any examples where somebody’s copied your map outright and re-released it?

De-compiling rapes maps anyways, it should only be used for seeing how things are done in a certain map, if you licence your map with a CC then its actually plagiarism to do what you have mentioned.

But as I said, decompiling maps rapes the quality and optimization so its worthless anyways.

I don’t give a fuck if people decompile maps as long as they don’t take whole things out of it and claim them their own.

Which is what happens 90% of the time.

Which is why we frown upon it. You can learn things, like some complex entity work from decompiling, but usually a tutorial or valve example map will do a better job.

It is however, somewhat like basing your research off wikipedia. Anyone can post it, where as a well written tutorial on a site such as is peer reviewed, a bit like an academic research paper and therefore is generally a better source of information.

I usually release my .vmfs along with my maps. If someone really wants to copy something from your map, It’s hard to stop them anyway.