Decompining dlls?

I have some dlls that i REALLY want the code from i have baconbot dll and deco dll and some others so cant i decompile them so i can get the code ?

Google is a wonderful tool.

Ye but m8? does it workes with all gmod dlls ?

EDIT:and please give me a direcet link for a specefic working decompiler


Use IDA Pro to disassemble the dlls to human-readable assembler. Still this won’t help you much. You can get convert the ASM to C/C++ again, but it won’t look like the original code anymore.

It then looks like
[cpp]void f0(int a0,char* a1,double a2){
double v0 = a0 + a3;
Every original variable,function,class etc name is gone.

Or in other words: You won’t get the original code or the decompiled code won’t help you in most cases. You better ask the authors for the code.

but its avaster and he is not giving out shit

Then your only option is to do what aVoN said, and then rewrite the code to make it human-friendly.
What are you trying to achieve with the code anyhows?

Trying to get baconbot v4 for free cuz all the sql infomation is in the dll