Deconstruction Help

Simple thing here, I’m trying to sort a way to remove buildings on my server, I’ve tried vinegar it doesn’t seem to function properly even after setting flags and loading up a Uber Hatchet, I just can’t seem to break misplaced items in any sort of simple manner. If anyone has any other thoughts on ways to remove those pesky misplaced pillars or walls let me know. Will try anything at this point.

You can’t remove pillars, foundations, or ceilings, the rest of a base can be destroyed with c4

Well running Oxide, and it seems to have been possible in the past as seen here

However, doesn’t seem to be working for me… So looking for other possibilities, less well its just something thats not currently possible, would be nice if you were just able to hatchet your own items and get half the resources back i think.

Oxide remove worked - unless they updated things

Rust++ has this feature now called /instako. Removes any placed building part in one hit from any weapon you choose to use. This includes foundations, pillars, and ceilings. Metal or Wood it doesn’t matter.

what happens to the top floors of a tower if you destroy the bottom floors? do they float?

They float yes. I’ve made buildings that have to be supported by pillars, and removed the pillars.

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A note though. Placed items on foundations and ceilings like beds, boxes, fires, workbenches, etc. get destroyed with the destruction of the foundation or ceiling.