Decopmpiling models problem: VTA flexes don't work.

Hello fellow facepunchers! About a month ago I have stumbled upon one annoying problem with decompiled Garry’s Mod models and I still haven’t found any resolution for it, so you are my last hope in fixing it. So, the problem is next:
When I decompile a .mdl file (any model from Enhanced Citizens or Male Khajiits, for example) I end up with ‘mdldecompiler_expressions.vta’ file being broken: its size is something from 35 to 50 kilobytes and if I’ll try to compile this model back, its faceposing won’t work. In Source SDK’s Model Viewer or in Garry’s Mod itself, there will be all sliders for faceposing, but they won’t work. It happens with mostly all models that I try to decompile, and mdldecompiler.qc seems to be fine, so I guess that there is something wrong with .vta files. It even happens with original Half-Life 2 citizens.
I have tried to decompile models with following decompilers: all versions of Cannonfodder’s MdlDecompiler and some of its variations, like MdlDecompiler Fix or MdlDecompiler Hacked (from this thread, StudioCompiler. None of them have helped. All this programs are in Steam\steamapps\myusername\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin, because they don’t work in any other Source SDK folder. This problem also happens with friends of mine, so I don’t think that there are some kind of problems with my PC or OS.
So, this is my problem, thanks for reading this post, i’ll be really glad if someone could help me with it :slight_smile: