Decorating a large room.

I have a room underground in my map (for Gmod). The room is 600x6000x6000.
What is the best way to decorate the walls and the ceiling so it doesn’t look plain and boring?

Is it in a cave?

No, it’s just a rectangular room.

Mind posting a picture of it?

Why is it so big? Does it have to be one room, or you make a tunnel and chamber network.

It is basically like a bmx/suspension testing room, so I need it large and open.
There would be no point in posting a picture because I just started today.

6000squared is going to be tough to detail it. Only because its so large. You’re going to have to put in some sort of obstacles in the way due to the far-z clipping.

Add support beams and pillars possibly, thats about the only thing you can do

Second the beams and pillars.
Bigass AC unit stretched out on the ceiling, like the ones at Cosco.

Just open your face edit sheet tool and select the face that you want to be more “textured” and just use the x and y scale to make the texture bigger or smaller. If that’s not what you wanted to know sorry and just disregard this post.

He means details like props and some more detailed brushwork…

I’d go ahead and pick a theme for the room then find/make some props for it (maybe a garage of sorts?..)

I’d say skylights if it’s a bmx testing place, plus roof trusses. Dustmotes would make a nice effect with the skylights too.

i reckon a bunch of pipes and that kinds of stuff running along the walls along with holes and rubble would look good

That’s an awkward shape. Ravine-like, no?

Pillars, windows and vents.