Decoy sub-forum for everything regarding ban etc.

What about making decoy sub-forum(s) for people who spam with lifting of bans, being harrassed, ranting on legacy being superior, and other shit you find boring?

You dont have to look at them, and you can ban, who writes these kind of stuff here.


So separate sections for Ban “Appeals” and the like or something akin to Refugee Camp but only for Rust?

A separate section would probably not help much. Most of the Rust community have the mind set that whatever their issue is, its just SO important that it HAS to be posted in the general Rust section as more people will see.

Just an idea XD.

I’d rather them just be permabanned.

And the Rust forum closed.

And Rust cancelled.

And Facepunch Martial Law.

Just bring back Smartness for the Rust subforum, problem solved.

What was “smartness”?

You gained points for good posts, and lost points for common grammar and spelling errors. Smartness was earned slowly but lost quickly. You could make a post that would cause you to lose so much smartness you’d be automatically permabanned.

I suppose that was messing with some of the good , but foreign, thus bad english grammar forum members. Though, it would teach people to look after their stuff they write, would support bringing it back. Mmm I shall remember that method, lots of hungarian pages need it. :smiley:

sounds like a trap to catch all the “cheater” reporters in one subforum. i like it, but they probably would miss the right forum anyway…

So basically make a sub forum for anyone who has a problem in the game, or anyone who is not a fanboy, so the fanboys don’t have to read stuff they don’t like?

I honestly can’t tell if the OP is a brilliant joke.