Decrease loading time.

hey does anyone know of a way to decrease the loading time for Gmod when you are starting on a map (without deleting all the addons that is). Like is there a way to set it so that is doesn’t load everything at the same time and only loads some of it, and if you want the rest you have to find and load that item?

You can either upgrade your hard drive config or delete addons. Sorry.

Is there a chance that a future update might contain a way to only load like default stuff and then it give you a menu and from there you can load your addons manually?

you could possibly remove some mounted games if there are any extra ones.

just make another foldier with the addons you wont use like “addon storage” and done

will I still be able to load in the items I want from that folder when I am in game?

no but it helps to reduce loading times

its a good idea for easy access when you want to reinstall them.

i have around 500+ addons and i am using only 35 loading times are like 1-2 mins

Wouldn’t getting a SSD make it load faster since it has faster read and write speeds than a HDD?

12 GB SSD for Gmod…
Better yet, Arma 2

hey garry, weren’t you working on a better way to load addons? what ever happened to that?

60 GB are about $120 and its worth it for booting os, software, and, better yet, making games load faster.