Decreasing Accuracy and Damage For Default HL2 Weapons

How can I change the accuracy and damage of the default HL2 weapons without making crappy imitation SWEPs?
Or just a way to scale all player damage and shooting accuracy would be fine.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\sourceengine\scripts

I don’t see accuracy, spread, or damage in any of those weapon files.

Accuracy and spread cannot be adjusted, but it seems like the PlayerDamage is controlled through the key “damage”

You can do all three with this hook:

You shouldn’t modify game files for this.

You shouldn’t advocate changing anything in sourceengine/ or any other scripts/resources really.

Isn’t the point of the resource files for customization as opposed to hard-coded values in the code? Kind of seems pointless not to utilize it.

It was the for Half-Life 2 mods and what not, but we do not allow to ship those files in addons for a reason.