Decrypted gamemode


I recently discovered that my gamemode was decrypted(?) and put out on the internet, anything I can do to prevent this from happening in the future?

What gamemode and what do you meen by “prevent”?

Preventing it I don’t Really Know But if it is posted on a Reputable site Tell a moderator / admin MOST places well remove the post if you provide suficent proof

It has already been taken down from any website that I know of, but the point with this topic was if this is preventable

You can do so by doing this:

  1. Don’t trust the client, they can lie.
  2. Only send what is necessary, anything more will screw you over.
  3. Try to avoid shared as much as possible, the clients get all shared and client files.
  4. Don’t use addons you didn’t code, If you must, to read the source.
  5. Put RCon in the launch parameters instead of server.cfg (so they cannot get access to steal everything)

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also if you didn’t code your gamemode your basically SOL

As a rule of thumb, if anything is being sent to the client, it can be stolen.