Dedcated Server Suposedly Not Fowarded Through The Firewall.... It Is...

Hi guys, yesterday, i finaly finished my server that i had been working on for serveral days, so started it up, and it worked fine, and i had probably a maximum of about 5 people at once. so i left the server for the night with my computer and the server still on. when i came back to it, it was empty, so i did a simple map restart, and apparently now, it doesnt seem to want to show up on the server list. i can get onto it myself, but other people cannot. it cant seem to decide what the problem is either. first of all it was showing up on my favorites in the gmod list, but on the steam list favorites it was showing up, as its ip adress as the name, with 0/0 players and a ping of 2000. now though, it is showing up as my ‘lan’ ip if you like, (what it was before it was showing my actual internet ip, an what others would see). i have double checked the firewall and the settings are still there.
i even set a reservation beforehand, so i dont know what the hell is going on!


and now… it is showing up in my steam favorites fine, (and as my internet ip HOW IT SHOULD BE) BUT, its not showing up in the server list :@