Dedi-Box or server host?

I am currently using Nitrous-Networks to host my two 16 slot servers, which costs around £40 every 3 months. Now I was wondering if I should get a DediBox to host some 20 slot servers. But I’m not sure how many I can put on there. Does anyone know the amount of servers I could run on this without the server lagging like shit?

Are we talking Vanilla servers with little to no addons or are we talking about fully loaded, custom servers?
There are really a lot of factors that determine how many servers could run smoothly.

We’re with OVH/Kimsufi and they’re fantastic. A dedi accessed via by remote desktop connection is 10000% times nicer than an admin panel

If you know what you’re doing, go for it since you aren’t really going to get much support with gmod-related things

When I planned on hosting EuRoleplay myself I heard rumors about Kimsufi’s connection being kinda bad, I don’t know if it’s that bad though.

Agree with what Niandra has said - I’ve only got a VPS with OVH and it’s amazing. Had no issues with it so far (and I don’t plan to come across any).

A lot of people tend to slate hosting servers on a VPS but I find it’s the same.

I’m thinking of getting KS-3… I just don’t know how many slots of 20 I can run smoothly. Any ruff estimates?

The CPU on that one isn’t great, I’m not sure how well it’d do based on architecture alone, but the rest of the specs are good for a handful of servers running pretty smoothly, but again, wouldn’t be sure on the cpu, maybe someone’s had experience with hosting gmod servers off i3s and can give a little info on them