Dedi Server Hardware


I’m helping a friend get the right hardware for a dedicated garrysmod server. Therefore i got a few technical questions.

  1. Will sdrsc use more than 1 core for a garrysmod server?
  2. Know it depends alot on what ppl do but is there some guideline for spots like players/mhz cpu? (DarkRP)

Trying to find out if a Intel N330 board is good enough for a server with around 30 slots and if not Quad or Dual core cpu?

thx on forehand

Srcds will never utilize more than one core, so anything above a single core is pretty much useless unless you’re planning to host several servers on that pc.

The second question i do not quite understand that well, Also the motherboard should be your last concern as it doesn’t affect server performance on a noticable level.

For example you could get a cheap mini ATX motherboard, to get a better CPU or more RAM.
The Micro ATX motherboards are incredibly tedious to handle though, its all crammed in.

Ok. Then i think i’ll do this:
MB:Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L
CPU: E8500
4 gigs 800mhz ram

should be able to have a few slots with that

Also check his upload and download speeds.

Ye ye he got 10/12 10 down 12 up. So that should be deasent.

  1. SRCDS is single threaded, however it will SLIGHTLY use the secondary cores.

  2. If you are reaching CPU Limitations without running more than 2 servers per core you are doing something very wrong.

I would say about 150kbit/s upload per client for a bandwidth guideline.

Always use less than the max amount of clients possible just so you don’t have the chance of hitting bandwidth limits and all the servers lagging up horribly.

Ok. Can you recommend an OS to the system? I got free access to all microsoft products so price shouldn’t be the reason to choose linux.

ubuntu server

Garrysmod doesn’t have any linux binaries for the server. So yes, choose Windows.

Alright. Thanks for the help

ugh. garry go update gmod for linux nao.

I have eight 64 slot servers running off of:

1.25GB RAM
2.4GHz P4

Bandwidth matters the most for steam servers. I have never had lag reported once in two years.

I run a 2.5Ghz dual-core Intel, 1066Mhz FSB w/ 4Gbytes RAM (Vista Business 32 laptop). Internet is 7.5Mbit down, 500Kbit (~60Kbytes/sec) up, can generally run about 12 slots without much lag if the LAN’s clear. Server generally manages to steady 250 FPS, this being the same computer I play client on. Average ping when anime isn’t being streamed on my network is anywhere from 40 to 140ms depending on location and client, or 5ms if it’s local :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all about the bandwidth.

Alright, I have a related question.
Around how many slots would I be able to run with a 2.0 dualcore AMD and 2 GB RAM.
21 ping 25 down 20 up on a very close server,
93 ping 11 down 6 up on a server on the other side of the states,
173 ping 7 down 2 up on a server from England.

I would be running a RP made by myself.

From reading the other post i presume that it should be able to run 64slot. (think your RAM is bottleneck)

CPU and bandwidth typically are the biggest thing you need.

Well, i have spare parts around lemme see

I found 3 mothers boards.

13gb of ddr2 ram and 620gb of harddrives :v: