Dedi Servers PROBLEMS

Okay. I bought a dedicated server from xenon servers. Everything is fine exept, When i try to add my addons through a ftp program like Smart FTP, it takes FOREVER to get files on to the server. Ive been slowly getting a 8 mb file on there for the last 4 hours. Why is this shit so slow?

My internet is 160 kb/s
I used Smart FTP because filezilla doesn’t work (See invalid port error)

Heres a screenie:

I have noticed all the .VTF files are looping. As of an hour ago my progress is not moving at all.

Another problem too:
I got ULX and ULIB on my server but i have no idea how to make myself or anyone else admin, I tried the users.txt in garrysmod/settings and the ulx usergroups.txt but both came out with nothing.

Ditch SmartFTP and use Filezilla. I had so many damn problems with SmartFTP when it came to gmod it wasn’t even funny.

Though to be honest, it might be because you have it set to 200 workers. Reduce that to 4-5.

For ULX, not much to it.

users.txt (in the ulib folder (in the data folder) )

“type” “steamid”
“id” “STEAM_0:000000”
“pass” “”
“ulx hasreadhelp”

Also don’t confuse your server with a dedicated server. What you have is a rented game server. A dedicated server is a physical box that is rented at a datacenter.

Thanks man, but then again filezilla dosnt work for me. I have port 21 in and it says its invalid

Then lower the maximum number of connections from 200 to 5.

Hosts generally will block any attempts over 5 (10 max in almost all cases) and continuing to try connecting over that limit will likely IP ban you at the firewall level.

Probably why your having so many problems uploading.