Dedicated Garry's Mod server does not show on the Server List


Recently I purchased and VPS from and we noticed that we were not getting as anywhere near as many players on all of our servers before we moved them over. I looked into it and found out that all of our servers were not showing on the Server Lists. I believe this to be a problem with Steam Servers but I am not sure. We can connect fine and dandy yet it doesn’t show on the lists. Our firewall is disabled and we have no other software that could intefere with it. Even on startup it says ‘assigned anonymous game server account’ and ‘connection to master server successful’ (Along those lines) etc. We do have ‘sv_lan 0’ in our server cfg and we have also tried heartbeat. Yet nothing. Our VPS IP is We are using ports 27014, 27015 and 27016. Also it is running on Windows Server 2008 R2.

I am wondering if anybody else is having/had this problem and/or knows how to fix it.


This is a known problem, unfortunately noone knows how to fix it. Just wait a few days, it should work.

Hmm, OK. Its been like this for around a week now, bit odd :confused: Thanks anyway.

Any luck?

Just moved to NFO VDS and have the exact same issue.

You can ask your host, but it’s really out of your hands.

I think it is a problem with NFO, because sometimes it shows on the list, but rarely, that’s what I think anyway. But it seems some people still do find our servers though, so I am not 100% sure what’s up with NFO at the moment!