Dedicated Server Addon Manager

Okay, so im wanting some sort of Addon Manager for my Dedicated server, running on Ubuntu Server.

I regularly change my server from Sandbox and Murder, and i have come across issues where the addons installed for sandbox screw up the murder gamemode. So i was hoping there might be a way to somehow disable certain or all mods when changing to a specific gamemode. Is this possible to do in some sort of an lua script? Maybe it checks the gamemode, then activates the addon disable. I dunno, just hoping there’s something more simple than having to delete them and re-install them everytime.


Just have 2 addon folders and rename the one you aren’t using to like “addons_unused” and the one you want to use to “addons”.

Well, for example in the addons you could add at the top this:

[lua]timer.Simple(1, function() – Timer to just do it a second later.
if GAMEMODE.Name != “Murder” then return end

That’s not how it works. Timers run asynchronously.