Dedicated Server Addons

Used search, Couldn’t find exactly what i needed. But with SRCDS how do I get addons into the Dedicated server? Do I put them in the same way as for Single player Except put them here: C:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod\addons? Or is it a little something more I have to do?

Yeah you put them there.

Cool, That’s what I thought. Thanks!

Addons go in addons
gamemodes go in gamemodes
maps in maps and so on

special LUA files that need to run to say strip weapons, player join sounders, or remove map spawned stuff goes in your LUA/Autorun folder

ULX / ULib stuff goes in the Data folder

DO NOT add stuff to your root models or materials folders, this can cause you to get the pink and black checkered patterns on maps.