Dedicated server admin help

Hey, today I got a dedicated server (one of the non paid for ones)
And it works fine. Except, assmod doesn’t recognize me as the server owner. How do I set it so its knows it me and I can start really enjoying my dedicated server.

–Sir Mikey

Install Ulib/ULX.

It’s far better than any other admin plugin.

I installed them both, thats not the problem, how do I get these to recognize me as the server owner.
Because I’m using a dedicated server tool to open the server from outside of garrysmod.
Thus, it doesnt relize its me making the server.

Read the assmod thread. Its in the first post.

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Ownership Given!

You have to use RCon to run the setowner command, by the way. This is because you are “not the server” yourself.