Dedicated server always connected ? startup script ?

Hi, I have a dedicated server garry’s mod but i would like stay online, if i close ssh window server is offline :frowning: It’s possible with a script ? thank you ^^ (sorry for my bad english)

in windows he stay online
In lunix you need creare little script for this

yes it’s with Debian (linux), where i can find this script please ?

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i have file with this code

echo "Starting up Garry's Mod 10 server."
sleep 5
screen -A -m -d -S gm10server servgmod/srcds_run -game garrysmod +maxplayers 16 +map gm_construct.bsp -autoupdate
echo "Started. Type screen -x to resume!"

but when i try this command

i have this message “Permission not granted” (i am root user)

chmod +x ?

bash bad no file folder of this type when execute ./ after chmod +x