Dedicated server always local, never online

Let me preface this by saying that I know next to nothing about networking, so everything I’ve done has been following a guide.

I want to host a small dedicated server on my computer. I’ve followed the guides and setup the HLDS update tool and downloaded all the necessary files through it. I’ve port forwarded the necessary ports (27030 - 27039, 27015, 27000 - 27015, 27020, 1200) on UDP and TCP. I do have a static local IP address setup on my PC which all of these ports are forwarded to.

Every time I start up the server the command prompt spits out the information it always does and says that it’s added two IP addresses to the master list of servers, neither of which can be found even after executing the command heartbeat or waiting for any length of time. The server always shows up in my LAN tab on the server browser. And yes, I have sv_lan set to 0.

Also, I have DMZ enabled on my computer, if that’s of any help.

Lastly, while my computer has a local static IP it does not have an online static IP and my router is a BEFSR81 Ver. 3 by LinkSys.

Again, I know very little about networks, so if I’ve missed anything please let me know.

Sorry if you have known this, or have tried this, but when you host your own server you can only see/connect to your server from the lan tab. Try asking a friend if they can see the server, they should, by your description you have everything correct.

Give yourself a second IP on your LAN line. Allocate the server to that IP. Create a rule in the router to have port 270xx go to that IP. Have people connect. ???. Profit.

But remember that if this is a home internet connection that you can only have at most 10 clients on without lag.

I didn’t know that actually! However, when I join my server and type in status the IP comes back as which is my local IP address. Should this happen as well?

Remember, I don’t know much about networking. How do I give myself a second IP on my LAN line? After I do that, how do I allocate the server to that IP?

Also, I know that I can only have a small group of people join without lag. I just want to play online with two other friends of mine.

Yes, when you are on the same network as the server you will always see/use the local address.

You shouldn’t have to do as the poster above said, he is describing how to add another ip so you can join that I think.

Oh okay, thanks a lot Shane! I’ll try it out with my friend when he gets on and let you guys know how it went.

If your server is port forwarded properly, shane is wrong. It will show up in the internet tab as well.

for me when i host my server i have too have me or a friend in it to show up on the internet tab. i dont know if this helps :s