Dedicated Server Binaries

Hello everyone,

Hope your day has been going well thus far.

As a developer and server host, I am extremely frustrated that I am unable to provide this game with a quality server that I am capable of running on top-notch hardware on my dedicated server at a data center.

As you know, most “server providers” will put a bunch of game servers on one box, each with a separate instance. Each instance is weighed down by the load of additional instances. This results in poor performance across the board, which is observed by joining ANY populated server on the server list.

By supporting individual dedicated server hosts, you increase the quality of game-play overall for the general public. As of writing this, there are over 4,521 servers on the server list, with only 9 “server providers” that have access to the files necessary to host a Rust server. This is an obvious problem.

Let’s put this into perspective. If 9 server hosts provide 4,521 Rust servers, then that means that 502 servers are being hosted by one provider, given an even distribution.

With a top-notch dedicated server, one could potentially dedicate any number of resources to their own Rust server, which would help you with gauging where you stand on the performance spectrum as far as diverse server hardware goes. As well, it also removes the performance issue caused by overloaded hardware which we discussed earlier. Spending more money with a “server host” when you already possess the necessary hardware is far too redundant.

Please release the dedicated server binaries to the public. Given that there are already so many servers, if you were ever considering releasing the binaries to the public, I think now would be the time.