Dedicated server bought, what must i do ?

Hello !

(I’m not english, so sorry for this !)

Well, i just bought a dedicaded server on and i want to create my first rust server.

But i cant install windows server for this (its not free) so i must install linux version (unbuntu debian ? Dunno) ÉDIT : “ubuntu 14.04_LTS-server (64BITS)” installed.

I come here because i want some help to start to create my server : how to install, how to start and how to put oxide.

Sorry if some tutorials are created, it’s hard for me


Rust Server files only work on Windows

I saw, but i see i can use Wine, it’s an emulator

From What i know you will need to install WINE then install Windows Server into WINE

May just be easier to install Windows onto the Machine - Most UK Game Server Providers that sell Dedicated Install Windows Free of Charge

Hum !

If somebody can help me ^^ !

Yes i know, but Windows is not free, and i cant pay my dedicated and windows too :frowning:

Buy Windows

I know, but my host have just WIndows Server. So i just created a virtual machine to create real windows (7-8-10)

What you need is Windows Server. If they offer that, get that.

Once you get Windows Server on your machine i will help you set it up

What are the dedicated Server Specs?

Once he has Windows, setting up a Rust server is a piece of cake. I hope you don’t plan on hijacking his machine.

I’m not that kind of person thank you!

it might be a peice of cake for the experienced folk - but for complete novice it’s a different story

I think you’re going about this the wrong way. If you can’t afford the cost of Windows, go with a Windows VPS instead of a dedicated server. A decent Windows VPS from a RELIABLE provider with enough specs to run Rust well will be around $40 - $80 / month, including your Windows license. It won’t perform as well as Windows on bare metal, but it will almost certainly outperform Rust under Wine, and it will likely be cheaper.