Dedicated Server Build for GMOD

Hey guys, I’ve been considering building a small dedicated server to host a multiplayer GMOD server. I wanted to run some of the specs I would probably put into it to see if you all think it would be powerful enough to run a server with a max of 24 players. The specs would be about this:

  1. Intel Core i5 Quad-Core 3.1Ghz Processor
  2. 8GB DDR3 1600 RAM
  3. 500GB 7400RPM SATA 6GB/S Hard Drive
  4. Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Those are the major components that I was thinking. I don’t think that a GPU would be of any benefit as this would only be running the server. I also have a nice ASUS motherboard picked out for it. All in all, it would probably wind up costing around $450 USD. What do you guys think?

Which i5 is that?

Any reason that you want to use a dedicated server when it sounds like you’re only going to be hosting a single server? A shared hosting provider would be cheaper unless there’s some specific features that require you to have your own dedicated server.

Operating system, memory, and HDD space have very little to no effect on resource usage.

It depends on a lot of factors other then players but that looks like it can handle 24 players, but as it looks like you’re buying it… you shouldn’t host it at your house.

Personally, I just think that it’s easier to not have to pay the monthly fee to have someone do something for you that you are equipped to do yourself.

In my opinion, if you have the hardware, the time, and the money, you should do it yourself. It’s pretty much going to be a one-time fee, besides the internet.

The i5 processor is this one:

I’d like to make a dedicated server for a variety of reasons. For one, since it would be within my reach, I would have total control over it and would be able to fix anything right away. Also, I could switch to host something else if I so choose. I could make it host a minecraft server or anything else. Later on, I could even make it a dedicated compiler and work computer (I’m a computer engineer) or I could give it a graphics card and make it into a media pc. I couldn’t do that with some of the server hosting services. I’d still need to pay for some web hosting in order to use fastdl, but I can get that through NFO for close to $3 USD a month. As for hosting it at my house, I think with the fastdl up and running it wouldn’t be too big a deal. I’ve hosted some minecraft servers of like 10 people from across the country on one of my laptops before, so I think I could handle it. Also, I’m very certain that when running a game server, CPU and Memory are very important, so the 8GB of RAM should be good enough.