Dedicated Server: Connecting players get error "Server is not responding"

If I’m being stupid by posting this, I apologize… I’ve been searching for 2 and 1/2 hrs straight on this issue. It’s posted all over the net, Steam forums, here, Synergy, and I just keep seeing the same questions asked in response to this problem. (port forwarding, router, proper IP, jealous girlfriend) and no solutions.

Has a solution been found?

I’ve established, checked, and re-checked port forwarding as the majority of tutorials and forum posts have suggested. I also have no other firewalls (windows fire is turned off) and no ip blockers aside from my router. I’m using Windows XP 32-bit. I’ve tried providing friends with the IP that appears on the server as well as the other that appears on (which is the address I have the ports forwarding to)

I’ve also created a server.cfg file that is working and have made sure sv_lan 0 is set.

I can connect from the same computer as the server, however no one else can. If there weren’t any gmod servers running, I’d swear this one issue would be part of some epidemic conspiracy to kill the program on the internet.

  1. Your ports must be forwarded. Make sure they are forwarded for both UDP and TCP. Here is a list:

You can check if they are open with this tool.

  1. Load up your server and type these commands:

ip *your external ip*
sv_lan 0
map *any map name*

  1. Finally let your friends join with this command:

connect *your external ip*:27015

It should work, it does for me.

Thanks for the response. I tried exactly what you said and nothing’s changed… I’m thinking however that perhaps the IP I was forwarding to was incorrect. Visiting this page:

Tells me

However, I have a under “IP Address” and a under “Default Gateway”.
While the IP at “” is completely different. Which one/s would you recommend port forwarding to and sending to people who want to join the server?

That doesn’t do anything and if it did it wouldn’t work.

Thanks for the reply. If anyone has any other ideas or solutions, it’d be appreciated.

I wasn’t sure of my external ip before but I am now. is the IP it gives people who try to join when I invite through steam. I currently have my router port forwarding through all the ports listed in the reply from Hackintosh. Still getting a server not responding error.

I may be wrong but I thought I’d give it a try, I made a listening server and the only way for my friends to join is either through the favorites box, or server list, so try having them add your server to there favorites. Sorry if this doesn’t help.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. Chances are it isn’t showing up at all on the server lists though. We shall see.

I’ve had no luck with the listening server and having friends join through the favs or server list. Still hoping someone has a solution. There’s enough servers out there that someone has to have overcome this problem. I’d greatly appreciate if we can get this working. I want to get to making some movies. :smiley: