Dedicated Server + Content (gamemodes)


I’ve been out of the Garry’s Mod scene for quite some time so excuse me for any obvious oversights on my behalf.

I’m trying to get my server running with a form of “auto-restart if crashed”, I have two working methods however when I use these methods to run my server, the server doesn’t detect half of the gamemodes. However when I run the server via the srcds GUI, it detects all the gamemodes, but then I don’t have any auto restart functionality.

As far as I can tell, when I run the server via some method of auto restart (via .batch file or something like serverdoc) it doesn’t’ detect the gamemodes that have been downloaded via workshop.
So I came to the conclusion that I need the actual gamemode files installed to the gamemode dir, rather than installing them via workshop.

With all that explained I’ll try and put forth my questions in simplest terms

  • Is there a way to run the server via the srcds.exe gui with an auto restart?
    ^ - if not, what is the most ideal way of finding the latest up to date gamemode files - from brief searches I can’t find anything remotely up to date.
    ^ - Is there perhaps a method of extracting the gamemode files from the .gma workshop files?

It’s been a while, so I’m more than likely completely missing something, forgive me if that’s the case!


It’s not a very good idea to run the server from the gui if you’re running the server on a long term basis.

I’m going to guess your problem stems from the way you are launching the server…

What commands are you using to launch srcds?