Dedicated server does'nt show up on LAN or internet..please help

Hey all,
I’m new to this but i’m not new to port forwarding etc. so please dont tell me to forward my ports because I already have :stuck_out_tongue:
I tryed to create a listen server with no luck there…my ports were open and I typed in ‘sv_lan 0’ and ‘heartbeat’ into the console but nothing worked

I had no help here either (im simply assuming no one has a clue whats wrong :D) so I decided to create the dedicated server.
I followed slayers guide and installed everything and got everything up and running fine…so I thought. I booted the game but the server didnt show up under LAN or the internet! The ports are all forwarded, firewall is off…I simply don’t know what else to do!

Sorry for that big chunk of text there
Any advice/sugguestions would be greatly appreciated

Do you happen to use Hamachi? If so it may be putting your server up on your hamachi ( ip as opposed to your normal one.
That’s just a crazy idea though.