Dedicated server has no tools

I’m setting up a dedicated build server for the first time since the one I ran back when GMod 10 first came out, and things have changed. For one, I’m having this problem where the server has no sTools. It has the categories for them, but no stools at all. Can anyone help me with this?

Nothing? I’ve been looking around everywhere I can for days trying to figure this one out. The only relevant posts are from '08 and are useless due to age.

You have to install them onto your server.

Download them just like you would for singleplayer, and place them in addons.

No, not the addon tools. It has NO TOOLS. like Weld, No-collide, Remover, all that stuff. Every bit of it. Nothing.

Try re-installing the server itself.

I’ve done that 3 times so far. Started from scratch down to the OS.

Well this is just the best. No one else is having this problem? I’m doing the standard “./steam -command update -game garrysmod” install method. Now I’m trying to find someone that would give me the files to a clean, working server.

Which Os are you currently using on your dedicated box?

Ubuntu 10.10

Well i solved the problem. For future reference, here’s the roundabout way I used to fix this problem. I still have no idea what caused it, but I downloaded a clean copy of the garry’smod client through steam, started a server from that client, to make sure tools worked, and then uploaded the files to my server. Now it works!!

is it ok if i make a gmod server will it hack my network


Do i have to do all that stuff???

I still have that problem -.-

My server is also running Ubuntu 10.10 btw