Dedicated server help please :) i can join others can not join

Ok so now i have no clue what the problem is I can join the dedicated server just fine but when someone else tries to join it it says the Server is Not responding. I am running the server off the same computer i am playing from i dont think that has anything to do with it but i dont know lol.
my target in the Srcds looks like this
C:\HLserver\orangebox\srcds.exe -game garrysmod +hostport 27016 +tv_port 27021
My router is a Linksys WRT120n
Here is a screenshot of my ports forwarded

Any help will be Appreciated :smiley:

Why do you need the tv_port?
There’s no SourceTV in GMod.

Really well now thats good to know ok ill remove that and see how well it works
Ok well after seeing if what you said was true or not it is not true when i started the server and joined it said couldnt allocate any hltv ports

ports are open wrong. 27015 TCP/UDP

yea i changed that i asked a steam friend they told me open ports 27005 to 27025 so i tried that now im in the server just need to see if a friend can join

Well there wrong.

Sounds pretty right to me,
What he did was open the port 27005 and every port in-between to 27025.
If I remember correctly, it should be those ports in UDP and an additional 27015 in TCP for RCON.
After that, it SHOULD work.
I think.

You need to let your freinds have your IP, they cannot join through steamchat.
If you look, it will say your playing in server 192.168…blah blah
Thats a local IP, you need to give them your external so they can join through the console

Also check windows firewall, That blocks everything.

Use -port instead of +hostport

You may also try updating your router’s firmware.

Router Website:
Direct Download:

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