Dedicated Server help

OK I have tried all that I know and could find online. But I can’t seem to get my server to switch off the LAN ip address to my online one. I have sv_lan set to 0. I have the ports forwarded, I have firewall off. I even bypassed the router. Nothing is working. I can join because I am in the same house but my friends can’t. Please help I could use just about any. I have a hypothesis that it is my 7 year old quest modem. The router is new. My connection goes…

Computer -> switch -> router -> modem

Its not just this game too most online games I can’t host… Warcraft 3 is one, star craft, and a few more that I own. Star Craft 2 works fine though lol.

Why do you have a switch on a home network?


Also are you sure you’ve set yourself an IP on your dedicated server machine instead of allowing it to get it’s own, because you need to forward port 27015 to the IP of that machine and if it changes, it won’t work.

I have a switch because its a two story house and I have friends over very often and I don’t want a tons of long cables going all the way downstairs. ya the computers have static lan ips. this one is and the port forwarding has been set to this one.

Here is image

I Got the ports from wiki not sure how reliable that is.