Dedicated Server Hoster has no password / REQUEST

Hello Garry,

I’m a long time customer of and I wanted to ask you, to get in touch with Mr. Hildebrandt, sharing a Server BETA Password to them, so they can offer and host RUST servers. Because, I already have a Battlefield 4 Server and we came to an agreement, to turn our Battlefield 4 Server off - and instead, set up a RUST server.

But due to the fact that they haven’t a BETA password yet, I’m struggling with it, because the only other way means that I’ve to rent a server elsewhere.

That’d be bad for me - I mean, I’m already paying about 50 bucks per month for the BF4 server.

Can you please get in touch with them or just send them a BETA password?

It would be GREAT.

Please address it to Mr. Hildebrandt! Much thanks!

I’d also like to ask you to allow NFO servers.

Friedhelm, why is this request dumb?

  1. You posted in the wrong subforum. You should have posted in the Rust Servers subforum.

  2. You made a new thread instead of using the thread for this (it’s not actually what it’s for, but it’s what it’s become): Server Owners, by garry (the boss)

  3. You didn’t search or read the section rules sticky before posting when the thread’s title explicitly tells you to.

These are a start. Note: I’m not a mod, so I can’t tell you what to do, but the sticky does explain the above.