Dedicated Server Hosting

I had a few questions about dedi hosting:

  • Roughly how much bandwidth does a 24 player server use in a month?
  • Is it advisable to host more than a single server on a single dedi?
  • What are some good dedi server hosts? (I’m looking for strictly a dedi host that gives me an empty box to work with, none of this pre-configured server junk).
  • What’s a good price/bandwidth ratio to look for?
  • What other features are good to have on your dedi?

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24 players would probably be around 2-4mbit/s. So between 600GB and 1.2TB if it were constantly full. I’d estimate around half that.

Depends entirely on your specs. But generally yes.

Depends on your budget.

Depends on numerous factors. Quality of the bandwidth (Which carriers are used, etc), quality of the hardware, support, location

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Well let’s say i’m looking to get a dedi capable of hosting 2 servers plus a very simple website. So let’s ballpark my bandwitdth needs around 1.5-2.5tb per month.

Would anyone recommend or Serveraxis looks pretty decent from what i see here.

What sort of budget are you looking to spend?

I dunno probably no more than $100 per month, hopefully. It seems like Serveraxis has pretty decent rates.

US location?

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I don’t know of many US budget providers, though I know a lot more EU budget providers.


Not so budget:


Also, you won’t hit 2.5TB per month. That’s the most you physically could hit, and your server won’t be full all the time.

Okay so if i were to say i was using around 900gb per server in a given month and i wanted to have 2-3 servers on my dedi, what would the minimum specs be?

I’d say a quad core and at least 2GB RAM. Preferably 4.