Dedicated server - is it worth it?

I am considering getting a dedicated server in the future (it’s £55/mo, though) and I was wondering if people here think it’s worth paying this much for a dedicated server. I have considered home hosting, but I couldn’t seem to get that working. I also have websites I could run on it, so I suppose I could save myself some money on web hosting.

So what do you think? Should I do it? Also, I’d like to know from other people with dedicated servers the kind of money you get in donations from your users. I’m gonna need some way of bank-rolling this thing.

55 a month for what a single core. Your crazy your gonna need a duo bare minimum to run a popular 40 server.

I say duo because it will stress your first core.

I used to have a quad core Q6600 for £50.


Dedi’s are worth it. Donations aren’t likely to fund much of that, but it’s still a great investment for communities.

Dear god.

70 perecent of the cost of my box has been covered by donations last two months.

Mine is normally closer to 15% / 20%. We pay £115/m.

My box cost 139 a month I make up for ever isn’t covered by donations.

Also a website shouldn’t be run on a box. Someone I know taught ES a reason.

Yes, lets run websites on thin air.

Though, do elaborate on why they shouldn’t be run on your own box.

Because the retards get dos-ed. Not DDOS, DOS.

What ever no sweet off my sack.

Yes, it’s a bad idea because you can IP ban them easier than you would using a webhost. Since then you’d need to ask rather than just doing it.


I’d prefer it if you didn’t right now. I’m rather busy, so I can’t check incoming connections and block a few.

Well, I went for it. It’s an Intel Pentium 4 server from Killer Creation (the Intel Lite) and it’s being set up now. I absolutely cannot wait for it to be ready. It’s gonna be so awesome!

A P4 server? Could have got more for your money.

Install wireshark or a good attack sensing software firewall (Only will detect smaller script kiddie attacks) send log to isp possibly get user suspended pending investigation with their ISP.

I googled around but I couldn’t find anything. Still, what I’ve got seems to work well. Set up a 24-slot server and spawned a bunch of fountains to stress test it and it didn’t even lag.

Try rapidswitch

kimsufi are decent for an extremely low price. They do have their flaws, but the value is excellent.

Holy crap thats nice



killercreation are good.
i have the poweredge r210 plus its very nice

Things to be aware of if you consider them:

2TB bandwidth. £15/m for each extra TB ontop of that, otherwise you get a hefty cut in your speed (1Gbps port limited to 100mbps, 100mbps limited to 10mbps)

The 1Gbps port costs £10/m PLUS the cost for “professional use” - £15/m

As you can see, the more you want from it increases the price to a large degree.


Additionally, their primary language is French. They do reply to support tickets in English, to a good standard. However, I’m told the bill is in French. (I manage parts of the server, specifically gameservers, another community member handles payment, and actually covers pretty much all of it himself)

A lot of flaws actually. I got a friend who has a server here, he had to change his hard disk 5 or 6 times because it fail, crash, corrupt or whatever. Also (as you said, I think), you may have 1 gbps bandwidth but they’ll give you a 100 mbps network card. They often have DNS failure, resulting in your server having almost no internet (no DNS resolution at all). If you install a firewall and they don’t like it (because it block their “ping” port), they’ll most likely disable it. They also have switch failure, needless to say it disable the network on the whole server bay.

I do not recommand them at all.

I went for KillerCreation because they didn’t have a setup fee or any hidden costs to pay. I get 7,000GB of bandwidth a month (which is probably more than I’m ever likely to use). I also decided to upgrade it to a dual core Xeon server because I need more speed and RAM than the Pentium 4 package provided.