Dedicated server is spiking when someone joins or leaves the server

hey guys my server is spiking for 5 seconds ( or more ) when someone joins the server or is leaving the server what can i do to stop these laggs?? :c

Specs of computer your running the dedicated server on?

3x 1TB SATA / 3x 120 GB SSD, 36 GB DDR3 RAM, 12 CPU Cores

What host, what processor?

It’s possibly due to ULX/ULib. Try removing them both and testing with bots or something. It’s an issue I’ve seen is currently being worked on.

how should i play on my darkrp server without ulx lol

Darkrp doesn’t require ulx to work, I don’t have it cuz it’s unecessary and it may cause bug to some of my addon

This is a known ULX issue.

A known issue that has supposedly been fixed now

It may be that your hardware just can’t handle it. Have you tried using a different host?

i got an low cpu usage but when someone joins it is going very high than its causing laggs

I’d suspect your hard drives. If your gmod server isn’t on one of the ssds (or the ssds in a raid configuration) , try that. A ulx issue was mentioned above, its probably worth updating ulx in case it is that.

Most likely it’s because of ULX. You can look at other admin mods out there, there’s some new like Maestro (updated often - preferred), anus (prepare for admins abusing ‘anus gag’) and there’s some good old like Assmod (screenshots are highly outdated, last update in July) and Evolve (it’s great and everything but there’s no working version from what I can say, I’ve tried all forks but at the end I just ended up fixing Evolve by myslef, tl;dr - you need to have a/be a Lua coder to fix it, link is pointing to the best version out there also), or you can stick with ULX and wait for update, there’s also some people saying that old versions of ULX don’t have this bug - you can try them but they may have errors, bugs, exploits and other bad things.

i changed already the ulx version to 2 versions further now the laggs gone away!

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