Dedicated Server Issue (Unresponsive)

Hi,im hosting by my own my Rust Server,and it works just fine,but i have a problem… the server runs fine,but after some time,the server starts to show the message: “Unresponsive for *** Seconds”,then the server shuts down,and i need to start it again,and i need to do this over and over,here’s a screenshot:

(User was permabanned for this post ("we're not gonna help you run your cracked rust server" - postal))


someone help me please? ‘-’

I don’t even know how you legally obtained the server files to host them on your own server, so I really don’t think you’re barking up the right tree on Facepunch.

Stop pushing that.
There are no public server files yet, so if that’s not a server from a legal hoster you probably just get in trouble (if something happens).

To come to the official forums to ask for help fixing your cracked server?

That is the definition of moron.

Indeed a moron. Posting a pic with his steam ID + account using a cracked rust client and server on the oficial forum.

I hope you get a well deserved ban.

Buy the fucking game and support the devs.