Dedicated server issue

Okay, so I’ve encountered a problem with my dedicated server. (feel free to correct me if ive posted this in wrong forum)
ive spent 5 hours setting this up now, this usually would take maybe 30 minutes max, but something is not the way it should.
I cant seem to figure out what’s causing this problem, so im bringing my issue to the public as a last effort…

I can connect to my server locally (client.connect localhost:28000) but not otherwise.
I know what you’re thinking…
"Stupid idiot forgot to forward his ports, lol… "
No thats not the problem. The ports are correctly forwarded and ive even downloaded “port forwads application” to check wether the ports are open or not, and they are open.

I have no firewall
My routers firewall is turned off
My router ports are open. (I’ve opened 28000 - 28050 UDP and TCP)
I can connect locally, so server version is compatible with game version.
however i’ve ran out of solutions.

Any brainiacs out there willing to help me out?

Is your batchfile configured correctly? I don’t know if that could cause any trouble but it might.

RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname "hostname" +server.port 28000 +server.identity "identity" +server.seed 673

My batch is fine, thats not what causing the problem.
Though I may have figured it out.
While testing, I figured out that the port closes once I launch the server.

It says the port is open but once the server is running, suddenly they close, so i’ve had a chat with my internett provider and a new router is on the way.

Hopefully that will do it :slight_smile:

Hi ok i reply here because no answer about in the other tread i already posted, i have the same issue and lots people in same problem, is any support can ask us what about? there is more than one version of experimental that mean? one selled and one unplayable free bacause client is up-todate and server free is out-todate? i have download again steam installation dedicated server same issue i had like Garry say in his topic, there is no win32 executable dedicatedserver in debug folder also how to launch it as OS Win32 then as he say? and how do we go solve our problem incompatible version? 4 day without answer than a support facepunch here its so sad and so buggy to try to sell that that is what i think…the command download steam to installing is “app_update 258550 -beta experimental validate” i understand that install i’m not stupid then after that maybe how to update? the command is a fake of name of what that do? app_update

Sorry for my sad english i’m french and it’s not easy

Support please are you here?

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Re hi ok and to not tired the support i don’t know why but i redo all at start a new and the server showed now in the list that i can join by local network with the client its ok.
I don’t know why that happen before but i post for no tired the support. Only one thing its that not running on a win32 version OS debug or not debug folder only legacy can run on win32 for me. I just going to have no answer as before about multiversion of server eperimental? or and why Garry say debug win32 also not it is :confused:

thank you all and sorry for disturb (a french)