Dedicated server issues

So i have the dedicated server for GMOD fully downloaded and setup as well as running

But 99% of the time the server will not show up in the garrysmod server list to me…i did leave the server running the other night after getting fed up trying to make it work and got up the next morning to see users had actually joined and played on my server

I then checked my server list and it was there and i could actually join it and play it…sadly this hasn’t worked since then

I have forwarded the following ports which i assume are all i should have to forward 27015, 27016, 1200

The picture i am including is what keeps popping up every few seconds/minutes on the console

Ok after looking closer at the ports from the screenshot i went on to unlock ports 27013, 27011, 27014

After doing that i restarted my server and of course it didn’t show up in my server list BUT now the console is doing this

What does this mean

Sounds like a virus to me, have you tried reinstalling?

A virus?

What leaves you to believe this?

Well the problem is to do with the LUA codes, try deleting the Lua folder in /garrysmod/garrysmod/lua and also settings in /garrymod/garrysmod/settings.

Alright it seems i found my “problem”

I just attempted this twice with the same results…

I had been trying before this to use the server name “Rewind’s Room”

I just tried to create a server simply called “garry” and it worked perfectly…

Tried starting a server called “Rewind’s Room” and it didn’t work again

Tried started a server called “Rewindlabs” and it worked perfectly

So is this a common issue?

So it was a virus but then it was some botched settings?