Dedicated Server Issues

Okay, so for some time i have had a dedicated server which ran fine, and have had many people join and such.

So i went off Gmod for roughly 6 weeks (Also leaving the dedicated server off), and when i came back to it yesterday, discovered that i cannot any longer connect to my server, and also to discover that it wasn’t reaching the client server list.

When I try to join, it goes as if it is joining, and displays “connecting to server”, for a fraction of a second, then goes back out of it, as if nothing had happened.

I previously had the “client server” problem before, but it was very temperamental. Occasionally i would start it up, and it wouldn’t appear on the client list, then i would try again later, and it would be fine. I have been trying it on and off for two days now and the same problems occur.

Just to clear up;
Yes, i am 100% sure the correct ports have been forwarded.
Yes, the server is set to sv_lan 0
The server is up to date.
I am running it off of a remote console, on a separate computer (on win 03 server).

If you have any suggestions, please go for it, because any tips would be useful. Thanks in advance.

Update the server?

I also had this on a fully updated previously working server, with no file changes. I’ve yet to work out why.

And the server is fully updated. Forgot to put that.


So it just stopped? or you gave up?

It doesn’t work.

Dayum. You had the exact same problem?


To no avail guys. I need help with this shit :frowning:


Ok, i also found out that when i try to join the server, in the console, it shows the error “Invalid steam key size”
I found this and tryed it, but again, to no avail…
apparently the error is associated to this problem.