Dedicated server lagging

Hey there! I am having some issues with my Garrysmod server. I am hosting this on a dedicated box I have in Germany.
The server I am running has suddenly exploded with players and i reach 30/30 players constantly. However, at about the 20 player mark i am having these very weird lag spikes. The ping shoots up to about 120, Lerp turns yellow in my net_start and stuff just temporarily freezes for about half a second then continues on.

Server Specs:
CPU: Intel core i7-4790k @ 4.0 GHZ
Ram: 32GB
OC: Windows server 2012 r2
SSD: 240GB
System type: 64BIT
Connection: 300Mbps guaranteed – dbugr – dbugr 2 – cpu

sv_maxrate 16000
sv_maxupdaterate 16
sv_maxcmdrate 16
sv_minrate 16000
sv_minupdaterate 16
sv_mincmdrate 16

I honestly wouldn’t bother messing around with the rates manually, just remove them from your config and let them be default. If you are keeping them, set your sv_maxrate to 0 (unlimited).

What is your tickrate? I’m guessing 66. If so, try lowering it down to 33 as you won’t exactly notice any difference especially on DarkRP.

UPD: It was necessary to install set affinity
close thread.