Dedicated Server List

Hello everyone, well i bought a vps and i created the dedicated server, but when i will search on dedicated server list in gmod i dont find my server, what i need to do? thx

Can you be a little more specific?

I believe he’s saying that when he searches for his server in GMOD’s server list that he doesn’t find it there

Yes, but as in specific I mean what he has done or tried doing to fix this problem (i.e. search legacy browser, edit server.cfg, etc).

Can people join the server? If yes, then it’s Garry’s shitty server list. If no, then check your firewall.

Is the VPS hosted in the same “region” as you live in? GMod’s Server List is shitty when it comes to regions.

Try to add the server to your favourites, if it doesn’t show up you should try allowing the ports in the iptables (linux) or allow the port in the Firewall (Windows).