Dedicated Server Models

Hey Guys & Gals

Been awhile since I’ve posted on here, lol.

My question begins here. I just only installed my dedicated server files using hldsupdatetool. Everythings working fine except the cs models won’t work. Now before you say have you even got them installed, your answer to that is yes.
The command I use to make sure the files are there is:

"hldsupdatetool -command update -game “Counter-Strike Source” -dir “server directory”

If anyone has more knowledge than me about this subject, please post your suggestions.


Replace “Counter- Strike Source” with “cstrike”.

I know alot of peopel get this problem, but my server doesnt show in master list. Says its been added to master list, but pwople can only join through the console. And yes I have forwarded ports and I have a static IP


I get the following error, and my contents of my folder are…