Dedicated server: multiple Rust instances?

I’m toying around with the idea of moving away from my GSP and running a Rust server on my own hardware. I have a few decent machines sitting idle (weakest is an E3-1270 v3 with 32 GB, all with full gigabit ports) at the moment so I might as well put them to work.

I’d like to run several Rust servers concurrently. I can either run them all on the same machine, or set up 2-3 virtual machines using KVM and run them all independently. Naturally performance would be better with everything running on bare metal, and just giving each server a unique port. Is this possible?

Yep - just give them different ports (+server.port and +rcon.port) and you can run as many as you like.

You can run multiple servers from the same set of files by using a different +server.identity also - naturally this does mean they can only all either be vanilla or modded, so if you want to mix it up then you’ll need a second set of files.

Great! Are there any performance benchmarks out there? I also have two old X3430s, which are roughly on par with a first-gen i5 (K 655 3.2) or Phenom II X4 910. My busiest server at the GSP typically sees around 50 peak users, with the rest of the servers around 5-15 peak. All size 4000 worlds or smaller. Would an older CPU like this be able to stand up to the load of hosting several instances?