Dedicated Server off no ip?

Hi guys.

Is it possible to run a dedicated server on a DNS? Or is there other ways, without portforwarding (because of my IP).

And yes, without paying smartass.

Why? Whats wrong with your IP?

My freaking host wont give me the fucking password for the router, ‘its lack of security’.

What the crap!

If you can’t forward ports you’re out of luck.


Your host? Like, the tech guy that your dad hired because he’s too incompetent to do shit himself? Or your ISP? In either case, reset the router and download it’s manual, the default password should be in there somewhere.

Not the tech guy, like, the internet company.


Im Danish, kinda hard to understand me ^^

Your ISP has shit all to say about your router, reset it then phone helpdesk for your login details.