Dedicated Server on VACCED account - Steam Validation Failed

I’ve done some googling and wasn’t able to get an answer, so I’m posting it up here.

I have two official, steam-bought versions of Garrysmod. Both accounts have TF2 + CS:S installed as well.

One account is VAC banned. We’ll call this Account1. The other account is not VAC banned, and has most of the same games (CSS, HL2, garrysmod ect.). Let’s call this second account… Account2!

So, I’m using Account1 to run a dedicated server using the Source Dedicated Multiplayer Server tool through steam. I have tried using the hlupdatetool a few times, and it seems to just get harder to do each time. I am using the GUI.

When I connect with Account2, I get a “Steam Validation Rejected” error.

So, I copy… wait… hang on…brain wave.

No, Ok, that didn’t work.

I got the Dedicated server tool to recognise garrysmod as an option by copying and pasting the files from /steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod into /…/…/Source 2007 Dedicated Server/garrysmod

The server itself throws up no errors, but when I join, I get the Steam Validation Failed

Does anyone have any experience with this, or any suggestions?

Can we get a steam link to account 1?

Certainly, if you really wish.

It matches my forum username. Are you trying to make sure I’ve bought the game, or does this have a purpose?

There’s a very simple guide on installing srcds through HLDSUpateTool.

I’m pretty sure STEAM validation rejected has nothing to do with your account being VAC’d

Again, as I explained, I’ve tried that, and I’m having different issues. I’ve gotten further with the GUI so far, and due to the fact I swap between hosting a few things as the need arises, I would just like the GUI. I’m more comfortable using it.

“pretty sure” or “sure”. If it’s not something to do with the VAC status (VAC gives a similar message on server join) then I am confused as so what could be causing it.

Does anyone have a guide or instructions on the correct way to import garrysmod as a game into the Source 2007 Dedicated Server? (NOT the hldsupdatetool please)

Just use srcds to host a server. It’s far better than the terrible GUI tool Valve ship.

That GUI tool is srcds, it appears if you don’t put -console in the cmdline.

I know this. Thankyou for being the one seeing my point.

Ok, so, if noone has information on how to get this working, can someone provide the necessary command to update/install garrysmod for srsds?

Please don’t copypaste the wiki entry, I’ve been there and the provided batch file didn’t work. Hence why I used the GUI in the first place.

Actually everything on srcds’s site works on Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, you’re just not doing it properly. ( Linux ) ( Windows )

It’s very simple, all you have to do is read.

The GUI sacrifices CPU and Memory to provide an “easy to use interface.” So pick your poison, and remember srcds can only utilize a max of 1 thread.

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game garrysmod

-dir .