Dedicated server problems

Okay guys, I got a dedicated server running pretty good… except NPCs don’t have sounds, and CSS weapons produce no sound when another player is firing them, I figured this is because I did not extract the content from the GCFs of HL2, Ep1, and Ep2. So i did that (took all damn night to upload to the box).

So after extracting HL2 & Ep1 to D:\srcds\ and Ep2 to D:\srcds\orangebox\ and running updates, I start the server up normally (not using fire daemon) and it says it mounted Ep2, Ep1, and HL2. (And all the other games) server was running fine.

I joined it on my PC, and spawned a Zombie, No sound emitting from it, so then I try spawning an Ep2 prop and the server crashes… giving off this error

The instruction at "0x0fa73fn6" referenced memory at "0x18840060". The memory could not be "read".

1 thing to note is, I did not have Ep1 or Ep2 fully installed on my system, I only had what G-Mod installed of it (I used these .gcfs for the server). BUT before going through another 8 hours of zipping and uploading I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something else.

All addons installed are working fine.
If you need a list here it is (in case one of these could be causing a conflict)

Wire (SVN)
Wire Model Pack (SVN)
Adv. Duplicator (SVN)
Helicopter Vehicle
Kermites Pistol Pack
Kermites SMG Pack
Pheonix3 (SVN)
Smart Constraint
Simple Prop Protection
MetaMod (deleteing soon)
Mani Admin Plugin (deleting soon)
(The reason MM and MAP is being deleted is because I discovered ULX

Any help would be appreciated because this is my first G-Mod dedicated server.

No servers NPC’S have sounds.
And I think your problem is not with the server but with the PC you are using to join the server, because I had the same problem, I updated my drivers and it was okay after that. I also got rid of a load of broken LUA code that I downloaded.

Sorry for long reply, I tried changing my email address, and I had not gotten an email. so I registered again.

Uhm, That is not the case, as in singleplayer and other servers I hear the sounds just fine, also my freind Leon has the same problem on our server.

If you want to see what I’m talking about join the server, the IP is

EDIT: Forgot to tell you, join the server and spawn an NPC. I have uninstalled the Episodes so dont worry about crashing it.

Okay screw the NPC sounds, its not important, i just wanna get the EP2 models working.


I fixed the problem, its was the fact that I didnt upload a FULL copy of Ep2, Now to get cstrike to work. xD